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Sifu Ward

Hi Everyone and welcome to WingChun.Online and our 10-1 Club.

My name is Colin Ward (Sifu), senior western student to GM Ip Chun (Ip Man’s eldest son) and disciple to the Master since 1991.

I started my training in 1982 and opened my school in 1991 on Master Ip Chun’s request, a school which is still running strong today.

WingChun.Online was created around 2010 as a way of continuing teaching, sharing and promoting Ip Chun Wing Chun, a site and an idea which has 100% Sifu’s blessing, from the day the project was presented to him, to now, even as he approaches 100 years old!

I am SO excited about this challenge as it is something I have wanted to do for decades, in fact from the first moment I realised how fast Wing Chun punches can actually be.

Thank you all for joining us on this journey, the first of our campaigns together, I say this as I am sure (he says hopefully), that this will not be just a one-off.

Please share your experiences with us, let us know how you are getting along, if you are losing weight, feeling faster, feeling stronger, and so on, but do remember, this is to be a long journey, it is not a race, so go steady and gradually build up.

If for any reason you decide that the 10-1 challenge is proving a little tricky for you, NO PROBLEM!

Try the ’20-1′ approach, half the amount of daily punches and expand your time frame instead, whichever way you do it, how cool is it going to be to say that you did it…

1,000,000 PUNCHES!