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On my 2nd day took care of 20k punches earlier today. Mixed up and down with The Lin Wan Kuen method 2x (1 round of 2k punches as Sifu noted). It felt pretty good. Not as scary as I though at the beginning. Before that I was doing 3x 1k punches separated by Siu Lim Tao – then Chum Kiu and then Muk Yan Jong Fat – and for the last few weeks I’ve switched to 5k punches per training.
When started the challenge I’ve noticed few things.
1. While practicing wooden dummy form – my hands know better what to do:). I mean the feeling is so much different and I know it’s not about the speed but there is a feeling of the buildup of energy and speed after 20k of punches.
2. Originally was planning to break up punches in small series and accomplish them trough the whole day – for me it’s working way better if I take care of them in a series earlier in the morning (if I don’t have any work meetings) and then recover and practice pure forms later in the evening.

Again thanks Sifu for this challenge. It brought Wing Chun way closer to my daily practice.