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Sunday, May 28 – 400,000 👍🏻

This was a rough week. I’m not sure why? While away on holiday I took some liberty to do my punches in different environments.

• I did several thousand in a pool. • Several thousand facing the strong wind (ocean side).
• I did several thousand on different surfaces. Some on the beach, some on uneven surfaces.
• I even did some on one foot.

Overall I’d say it was quite a challenge.

Assessing… I’d say I’m trying to break a plateau now, trying to increase speed, stamina, etc. I’m also still trying to find ways to count that helps to find and ease my the rhythm.

Well, 600,000 to go so think I stall have time to work it out.

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine that once the challenge ends, I would not continue doing this daily. 🤔