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    Sifu Ward

    A New Method for Counting Your Sets!

    I recently found a new way of counting, SO easy and SO much fun.
    We all enjoy a good, inspirational, action movie eh, I mean the likes of Rocky etc, well… these movies also (usually), provide great soundtracks to train along to.

    This is the idea, time yourself doing a set of 50 punches, the usual being around 5 seconds, this would mean that you are firing 10 punches per second, now check out the running time of your favourite track.
    ‘Hearts on fire’ for instance (from the Rocky 4 soundtrack), was one that popped up on my Alexa music and I found it great to train along to, that track was 4min 13sec long, 253 seconds in total, and at 10 punches a second (should you keep the pace throughout that is), and you’ve just run a set of over 2.5 thousand punches!

    Using this method (with fast punches), 8 times per day and you’ve cracked the 20k per day level!

    Okay, so let’s say that it takes you half as long to execute 50 punches, coming in at 7.5 seconds, then that is still 6.6 punches per second.

    Now let’s round that up even further shall we, making it 7 punches per second (3 punches per second slower), that would still work out at your having done 1,771 punches during that one song.

    Therefore, allow for even further reductions in pace, you are pretty sure to be covering OVER a set and a half, every time you drill your chain punches to a high energy soundtrack.

    One simple reason for this is because you are losing so much time counting, and as I mentioned in the ‘Top tips’ video, you cannot count as fast as you can punch.

    So, time your 50 punch sets, find a track that works for you, work out the numbers per seconds, and get chopping down those sets!

    Let me know how you’re getting on!

    Sifu Ward

    Sifu Ward

    What a fool!

    I was training the chain punching method the other day and realised something HUGE.

    In that method, every ten punches on my right hand is a single count, which I repeat 20 times yes?
    Making 200 in total.
    Then I turn and repeat, four more times, making the 1,000 in total.

    But here’s where it gets silly (oh dear)…


    Which means every time I’ve been doing that set, it’s 2,000 NOT 1,000.

    I am surprised no one has pulled me up on that. 🙁

    Anyway, if you’ve been doing those and it’s been ok, WELL DONE!

    Keep it up!

    Sifu Ward

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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