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    Sifu Ward

    As the final week is upon us, I just wanted to say how proud I am of all who join us in this campaign, no matter how far your personal journey managed to take you.

    As you log in to your accounts you will notice the July pop-up, informing you of our next step…

    ‘We’ve trained the numbers, now train the reactions’

    So click on MY ACCOUNT, click on VIRTUAL SPARRING, and choose any random box, as soon as I move… BOOM!, you react.

    Have fun everyone and let’s make this week one of the best yet!


    [email protected]

    Wow. Minus 57,200 and counting.

    Some of you will be concluding tomorrow but seems I have another four days to walk things out (since I took the 14,300+/- route.

    Honestly, I cannot believe we’re at this point. It says a lot I think. If I can spend 30 minutes a day or more doing punches, why not some time for sit-ups, a walk or even adding some kicks.

    *There’s ab idea… how about a million kicks next Sifu! 😂😂😂

    Just kidding! Really I am!!! 😮‍💨

    Well done everyone… now we can take the Challander of adding a small “and” instead of an “or”.

    Sifu Ward

    Million Kicks????


    Sifu Ward

    Keep going everyone!


    1,000,000 Punches, Done!


    1,000,000 done! Yeeeaaahhh! Arms feel loads faster and more relaxed. Have felt so many internal benefits to doing this, learning which muscles to try and switch off, feeling which ones tighten up and slow you down as well as refining the simple movements. What an awesome challenge, thanks Sifu! What’s next?! 😉

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    Sifu Ward

    That’s brilliant James!

    Thank you for joining us and for sharing your experience.

    Kicks next maybe???

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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